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Tach Kit

Tach Kit
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Price: $450.00
Availability: In Stock
Model: 2008-2010 Pulse Converter
Manufacturer: Destroked

Tach Kit
2008-2010 12v and 24V

This Destroked tachometer kit eliminates the need for a second tachometer pickup and/or tone wheel on the Cummins commonrail engines. This kit takes the input from the stock Cummins crank sensor and converts it to 4, 12, 48, or 58 pulses which is what your Ford tach is looking for.


  • Fits 2008 - 2010 12 Valve and 24 Valve Cummins
  • Eliminates Secondary Tachometer Pickup
  • Eliminates Tone Wheel
  • Converts to 4, 12, 48 or 58 Pulses
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